Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13.3” Laptop| QLED Display and Intel Core i7 Processor | 8GB Memory | 512GB SSD| Long Battery Life and Bluetooth-Enabled S Pen | (NP930QCG-K01US), Blue

Hardware Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13.3” Laptop
Processor Intel Core i7-1065G7
Storage 512 GB SSD
Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7 (Integrated)
Display 13.3 inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Color Silver

Features We Like

Amazing battery life

Samsung Galaxy Book is a great laptop because it has amazing battery life and you can be more productive when the need arises. It has a beautiful design and comfortable ergonomic features, but the speakers aren't that great, so you'll have to get a headset.

Striking blue design

The new Galaxy Book has a stunning Samsung blue design that can be customized with colorful plastic inserts. You can pick from five hues, including blue, yellow, pink, purple, and lavender. Also, the S-Pen is very responsive.

Stylus for drawing

The Samsung Galaxy Book is also great for drawing because the stylus automatically recognizes your handwriting and converts it to text. And it also allows you to make quick notes or create a complex document in no time.

Built-in S-Pen

The Galaxy Book is perfect for business, academics, and all-around productivity with a built-in S-Pen to take notes, annotate or draw.

Features We Don't Like

Hinge could be stronger

The hinge on the Galaxy Book is a bit wobbly. Opening and closing it was sometimes hard, but not a deal-breaker.

Small display

This Samsung is smaller than other laptops with similar power. It's ideal for people who want to take it everywhere, but don't need the latest and greatest specs or the most expensive model.

A laptop is a device that can make your work easier, but there are so many to choose from! This is a Samsung Galaxy Book review. It's lightweight and fast with a large memory capacity and long battery life, perfect for on-the-go users. And it has Continuum on Windows 10 which allows you to use your phone like you are using the computer or tablet. Let's know more about this laptop and at the end of the post, you will surely gonna decide for yourself whether you want to buy this laptop or not.


The Samsung Galaxy Book is one of the most beautiful laptops we've ever seen. It's made out of a single piece of metal that curves all around to make the perfect reading surface. It comes in two colors, gold, and silver. Both are sleek and durable, with smooth edges on the front and rear.


The Samsung Galaxy Book screen is beautiful and bright. It's the best we've seen on a tablet or a laptop. You can connect the Galaxy Book to an external monitor if you need more space, but most people will be happy with the 13.3-inch screen.


.The Samsung Galaxy Book performance is good. It's not the fastest laptop, but it has enough power to get you through your daily work. It has a built-in stylus which is great for taking notes, doodling, and marking up documents. And the S-Pen even works with Microsoft Office apps like Word and PowerPoint.


The Samsung Galaxy Book doesn't have many ports, but it has everything you'll need. It has an SD card slot, 2 USB-C ports, and a headphone jack. With the two USB-C ports, you can connect to the HDMI port if you need to.


The speakers on the Samsung Galaxy Book are loud and clear, but it's not as great as a built-in speaker or an external monitor. They'll fill your living room, but they're not distinct enough to use as your only monitor.


You can get 9 hours of battery life, which is enough to get through a full workday. It's not the best time we've ever gotten from a laptop, but it's good enough.


The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex comes with 512GB of storage built-in. That's about more than enough for most people, especially when the storage is fast enough to keep up with your workday.


The Samsung Galaxy Book gets its graphics from an Intel integrated graphics card. This means that it's stuck with integrated video, not a dedicated video card for serious gaming. That's fine, but you can expect lower frame rates and performance compared to other laptops that are able to handle serious games.

Should I Buy This Laptop?

This is a laptop that won't be for everyone. It's expensive compared to other Windows 10 tablets and it doesn't have the highest performance. If you need a tablet, it might be an option, but you'll probably want more power for a bit more money if you aren't using it as your only computer. That makes it hard to recommend as anything but a secondary device, which narrows its appeal even further.